Giving youth a chance to grow

We know the importance of being in touch with new generations and new trends. It is important for us to reach out and create relations and opportunities to a new generation of dancers. We want to share what we are building and create quality opportunities for children, teens and young adults to benefit from dance and dance knowledge.

Several possibilities will be created where young people can enjoy and benefit from dance to possibilities where genuine talents and choreographic abilities can be nurtured and developed. We will continuously offer a variety of workshops for children and youths that mirrors our fun yet professional approach towards dance.

Among these workshops that we are already planning is a dance movie workshop, where the young dancers will get the knowhow to develop their own dance movie in collaboration with professional filmmakers.

As we progress and establish ourselves we will be creating:

- Quality training opportunities for children and youths with trusted teachers

- A youth dance company that gives up to 14 talented young dancers (aged 15 to 21) the chance to perform on a high level – this program allows the dancers to commit on a serious level in parallel with their studies.

- An apprentice program giving 1-3 young dancers the chance to be part of the company for one season.

- Partnerships with companies and dance institutions around the world.

- A residency program that allows independent dance artists access to our facilities, get artistic feedback and knowhow.