What we are planning to do


What we are seeking is to cultivate a collaborative local artistic excellence, not just in choreography and dance. We see the other art forms as a natural extension to our work: we are making it a cornerstone in our creations to collaborate with Beirut based visual artists, fashion designers, musicians and composers.

In the start-up period where we are focusing on the professional productions and workshops in inviting and partnering with dance studios, we have been able to work without our own physical facilities. However, to implement the broader activities (youth program and studio presentations), we will need a permanent physical framework to support our efforts.

Our artistic output will consist of stage productions every season together with other media productions (films, TVC’s, music videos, installations) and other versatile collaborations that we would tour with internationally.

Later on, once we start the Youth program, we will add to our exciting goals a simulating artistic excellence among kids and young adults by offering professional training and modern and functional approach to dance and dance knowledge. 

We believe that greatness and innovation are possible when talent and desire are finally given the right platform to come together and Beirut Contemporary Ballet is such a possibility, showcasing an artistic range of new choreographic work created right now.

Lebanon has always been home to performing arts enthusiasts, and currently, the platforms are expanding because the demand is inflating; arts houses are opening, galleries, theatres, performing spaces and organizations that are working hard into developing the art scene, by mainly creating affiliations between the east and the west; however critical, mainly because of its rich culture, freedom of expression and individual intellect. Today, Lebanese cinema is rising, the contemporary music scene is emerging from the underground to become a trend, exhibitions and art installations are multiplying. The audience is becoming more interested, hence more interesting; a fundamental aspect for the development of the society.

What we are adding to the community of performing arts is a chance for talented young ambitious dancers to develop within their society and from there, expand to the world, instead of going through the difficulties of starting abroad due to the lack of local opportunities.


We believe that multidisciplinary collaborations

will nurture the country’s overall artistic development.


As we grow, we hope to become 

a full-time dance company with

9 to 14 highly skilled dancers

together with an inventive team responsible

for conceiving, developing, and

implementing the artistic vision

and focus of the company.


Dancing and the readiness to understand and indulge in dance, reflects in its essence the desire to be open, communicative and to be inclusive, values that are necessary for a society to develop