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World Youth Forum 2019, Sharm el Sheikh

Televised opening and closing ceremony created by the Beirut Contemporary Ballet team and 30 dancers


Check out this great videoThere is no such thing, at the level of love, that causes -must- precede effects.
Ghazal takes us on a flirt journey with a game of time and its flow, where moving backwards seems as natural as forward.

- Ghazal in Arabic, is a form of amatory flirt or ode, originating in Arabic poetry.


Check out this great viA paranoid father embarks on a dance with his belated wife. His daughter witnesses it all.
Set in a realm of sensational language, The family engages in a virtual  conversation of love, loss and the impossibility to forget. 


Starring Jens Bjerregaard, Giulia Barbone and Shayene Kamel.deo


Co-production with Violet Dance in Macau, 2019 

In the woods

site specific work 2019

site specific work 2019

Spetacular/spectator, Library opening Kunming

Enigma Dance Arts Creative & Beirut Contemporary Ballet getting creative together in Kunming, China


"Vivre" a music video for Rand - shot in December 2017.

Choreographer: Jens Bjerregaard

Dancers: Jana Younes & Wafa Bouty