Our works so far

Spectacular / Spectator Library opening


Site-specific work created in collaboration with Enigma Dance Arts Creative,  Kunming, China, November 2018

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Counterpoint and other duets


Six encounters/duets for four dancers
Created in collaboration with the Colorful Dance Festival in Changde, China. Choreography Jens Bjerregaard, choreographic assistant Jana Younes, dancers Deng Ren Jie, Amber, Jinxin and Jana Younes

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Ghazal, dance movie


The dance movie Ghazal is ready for Film festivals, Director Jana G. Younes, choreography Jens Bjerregaard, D.O.P Shadi Chaaban and starring Rebecca Dahrouge and Wafa Bouty

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A brutal, beautiful and funny duet performance about the skirmishes between a man and a woman as they try to navigate through life.

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"Vivre" a music video for Rand - shot in December 2017.

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