Making dance movies

Dance does not only exist on stage. Many young people actually discover the possibilities and the world of dance on film and online. The creative possibilities for dance on screen are endless and by having a continuous invested focus in screendance.

Beirut Contemporary Ballet can be an international forerunner. We already have shared experiences in working with dance on screen, practices that have given us a strong international recognition. We believe that we equally need to invest in dance for screen as well as dance on stage.

Innovative at heart, we will use whatever medium the world provides us with and adapt dance to it, starting with digital dance outputs. We ensure in return, a strong online presence and constant awareness of our work. This will help us build an audience and followers not only in Lebanon, but also worldwide.

Sharing with you “And so do I”, a dance film directed by Jana G. Younes & choreographed by Jens Bjerregaard. The film won many awards throughout the last two years, notably best short film at the San Francisco dance film festival.


Trailer "And so do I"

The making of "And so do I"