Introducing Beirut Contemporary Ballet

Jana, Wafa and Mazen in rehearsal

Who are we:

We are 3 dance enthusiasts behind this project, Jana G. Younes, Jens Bjerregaard & Wafa Bouti, and together we join the skillset and talent to desire and experience; things needed to suggest norms for what can one do with a performing arts company in Lebanon


We are creating something new:

We have chosen the name Beirut Contemporary Ballet to reflect first our practice that swings between the classical and the more contemporary fundamentals of dance; and second our ambition to build a full-time professional dance company in Beirut.

Jana, Wafa and Mazen in rehearsal

Something with at broad vision:

Beirut Contemporary Ballet plans on drawing its own path into the world of dance, by:

- Reaching a broader audience, as well as the dance lovers

- Showing dance on a technical and advanced level

- Creating current, relevant and innovative works

We have a lot happening in 2018; the movie Ghazal is ready for film festivals and in November we completed collaborations in China (See movies).

2019 is around the corner with international touring and first Beirut performances.

as we develop, this site will develop

But you can already follow our progress on Instagram and Facebook

Events coming up

No upcoming events.

And you can contact us here